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What are Sanitary Tank / Dairy Manhole Covers

Sanitary stainless steel manhole covers are used in process tanks that come in contact with food or other sensitive materials. Manway covers provide a quick, easy and convenient entry and egress to tank interiors for inspection, cleaning or maintenance.


The body of sanitary manhole covers come in SS 304 and SS 316L materials, while the gaskets are usually made out of EPDM, NBR, Silicone, and Viton. They are designed to be hygienic and have smooth surfaces to prevent dirt from getting trapped. 


Sanitary manhole covers come in a variety of sizes and shapes to be fitted for different applications. Common shapes include the round manhole cover to be used at the top of the tanks, and oval manhole covers that are able to handle pressure are installed the side.​

NKE Flow is a supplier of sanitary stainless steel manhole covers.

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