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DIN 11851 Union

DIN Union 11851 (DIN Male Part, DIN Liner, Din Nut, DIN Gasket)

The DIN 11851 Union (Deutsches Institut für Normung) is comprised of a DIN round slotted nut, DIN male part, DIN liner, and a DIN gasket. DIN blanks and blank nuts with chain are also available.

The easiest way to identify a DIN Union is its D Shape Gasket.

The round thread and the huge tolerances ensure that the coupling always closes.


The DIN coupling is officially standardized with DN dimensions, but there are also types available with inches and ISO dimensions. While it is less commonly used in the local sanitary industries, a lot of equipment or instruments are provided with a coupling DIN 11851.

Coupling Material

DIN Nut in SS 304, DIN Male Part and Liner in SS 304 or SS 316L

Seal Material

The DIN gaskets comes in Teflon, BUNA, EPDM, Silicone, and Viton

Size Ranges

From DN10 to DN300

Internal Surface Finish

< 1μm



To fasten the union by using a spanner.

DIN Male Part 

To be welded to tubes.

DIN Liner

To be welded to tubes.

DIN Gasket

Acts as a seal to prevent leakages.

DIN Blank / DIN Blind

Acts as a cover to to block flow, replaces an SMS Liner.

DIN Blank Nut with Chain

Acts as a cover to block flow, replaces an SMS Nut and Liner.

Stainless Steel DIN Union
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