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Sanitary tees are t-shaped sanitary pipe fittings used in the branch pipe of the main pipeline. Sanitary tees made with different branch diameters are called sanitary reducing tees, the ones with the same diameters are called straight tees. Stainless Steel equal tees have branches of equal lengths, instrument tees have a shorter bottom branch. Sanitary tees usually come in weld or ferrule ends, but uncommon connections such as SMS or DIN Male and Liner ends are also available.  Sanitary tees made of the stainless steel grade 304 or 316 to provide a sterile and corrosion-free surface.

Sanitary Tee

Sanitary Wye or Y

Sanitary Cross or Double Tee

Sanitary Cross or Double Sanitary Tee

Stainless steel crosses, also known as four-way fittings, have one inlet and three outlets. The ends are positioned at 90-degree angles.


A sanitary wye is a fitting solution that has three openings connected to each other at a 45 degree angle, it is Y-shaped and helps join three pipelines together. A stainless steel wye is used to connect horizontally to vertical planes. Wye fittings are similar to tees, but they differ by tilting the bypass line to reduce friction and turbulence. If a branch is further away at 90 degrees, the fitting becomes a combo tee. A stainless steel Y follows a long sweeping pattern compared to sanitary tees, which have a smaller radius and require less space. A wye can also be used to divide a bypass line evenly in two directions, such as dividing the mainline into two smaller branches.

Our Stainless Steel Tees

尺寸- 0.5" to 6" 

材料- SS 304或SS 316L

接头- 焊接,快装接

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