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卫生级不锈钢角式, 直通过滤器

In any manufacturing process, especially the food and beverage industry, filtration equipment is an important part. Designed to meet strict hygiene and cleanliness standards, a sanitary stainless steel filter is a type of strainer made from high quality materials and is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.
Sanitary stainless steel strainers come in a few forms, the most common are the Tri Clamp Inline Filter, Tri Clamp Angle Filter, and Tri Clamp Y Strainer. It is important to consider certain factors such as the type and size of particles that need to be filtered.

Its uses include
1) Sanitary filters are equipment used to eliminate contaminants from liquids cleanly so that impurities do not compromise the quality of products.

2) They are primarily used to maintain high levels of cleanliness or hygiene in cosmetics, chemicals, food processing, and chemical industries. 

3) The housing of a sanitary filter usually comes in tri clamp connections, and the inner cartridge must be able to be disassembled with ease for cleaning.

4) They also remove any contaminants that can clog and damage the pumps and other sensitive components of the filtration system.

Types of Sanitary Strainers




连接尺寸- 1" - 4" 

丝网尺寸可用性- 20 - 500 mesh

物料- SS 304 或 SS 316L

接头- 焊接, 快装接

Stainless Steel Angle Filter
Stainless Steel Wye Strainer
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