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Sanitary concentric and eccentric reducers are sanitary fittings used for the connection of tubing of various sizes. It is available in 304 and 316 stainless steel alloys. Sanitary tees usually come in weld or ferrule ends, but uncommon connections such as SMS or DIN Male and Liner ends are also available.  Sanitary reducers are made of the stainless steel grade 304 or 316 to provide a sterile and corrosion-free surface.

Stainless Steel Concentric Reducer

Sanitary stainless steel concentric reducers create less friction for the fluid flow and they are the most commonly used ones.

Stainless Steel Eccentric Reducer

Sanitary stainless steel eccentric reducers have a flat edge design that prevents pooling of product medium when lines are drained, and are also installed when alignment is a concern.

Our Reducers

尺寸​- 0.5" to 6"

材料- SS 304或SS 316L


Sanitary Eccentric Reducer
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