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Sanitary stainless steel hose fittings and adapters are used to connect sanitary flexible hoses to a process pipe line. The sanitary hose barb can be attached to a hose by a clip or other methods where it can be dismantled easily, or by a permanent crimp. Together with the hose, the fitting can then be coupled with the corresponding fitting on the pipe line, for example, a tri clamp hose tail can be connected to a ferrule. Sanitary hose fittings are available in SS 304 and SS 316, while hose collars mostly only come in SS 304.


Our sanitary hose adapters are available in a few connections, the most common are ferrule, weld, SMS Male and Liner ends.


尺寸- 0.5" to 4" 

材料- SS 304或SS 316L

接头- 快装接

Tri Clamp Hose Barb
Hose Tail Weld End.jpg
Hose Collar.jpg
Hose Tail with Male.png
Hose Tail with Liner.jpg

Our Sanitary Hose Tails

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